Finally: An Intro

I’ve had this blog since July of this year and am just now getting to writing in it. I know, I know; I’m horrible at updating. Hopefully, though, if I can ever get you caught up (yeah right!) you won’t have to deal with being so behind and me not updating regularly ever again…Hey hey hey! I said “hopefully!”

Here’s the run-down:

  • Moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Columbus, Ohio for a job
  • Found out that due to issues with scripting and an update that they had to do to their training software, that the job was on hold indefinitely.
  • Decided that waiting around for a job that wasn’t going to get me to college was a bad plan and that I’d really rather just get back into school.
  • Started researching schools and decided I’d like to go to Miami University.
  • Filled out (and submitted) an application for admission.
  • Made arrangements to take the ACT (that Miami decided they didn’t need the scores for.)
  • Found an apartment in Oxford that I’ll apply for after the first of the month.
  • Embarked upon an insanity known as NaNoWriMo

Today I plan to fill out my FAFSA (with my mom’s help, of course.) I also plan to discover whether or not the other schools to which I’m applying (University of Cincinnati and Ohio State University) will absolutely need my ACT scores or if they would be willing to wave them. If they will wave them, then I’ll find out how much if any of my ACT payment I can get back.

I’m really behind on my NaNo novel, but am planning to hopefully scrape up the energy to catch back up and finish.

The young lady who lives in the apartment that I’m hopefully going to be moving into has offered to leave her furniture (though she said she had to check with her parents to see what she could leave and what they planned to sell.) I told her that since I didn’t have anything that I’d be very grateful if she did leave furniture—-any furniture–because I didn’t have anything at all. She is supposed to call me at some point to let me know what they say but I have not yet heard from her.

My thoughts will sometimes (ok, actually, usually) be jumbled up and I won’t make much sense. I’ll write about anything and everything and sometimes I’ll even write about nothing. I’ll write about God (a lot) and my boyfriend (a lot.) I’ll write about school and my family (probably drama.) I’ll write about sports (mostly racing and football). In essence: I’m going to write about my life. I can’t promise you’ll like everything you red here, but I can promise that it’s one hundred percent me, which, in my opinion is the most important part.

Read if you like and don’t if you don’t.

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One thought on “Finally: An Intro

  1. Hey, Amber. A good post. It summed up everything in a nutshell. I mean, if I didn’t already know some of this, I would learn it through the way you wrote it. You said what was going on and were as succinct as you could manage to be while giving the information at your fingertips, so to speak. Football? I think I can live with that. Nascar? “Start your engines,” right, lol?

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