Happy weekend

Yesterday was a fairly normal day. I was woken by Benjamin at 8. (I slept on skype with Tim and that’s his guide dog.) Tim got Ben to lay back down so they both slept until 10. I however, could not go back to sleep. Once Tim got up and got started, I talked to Josh and beth about going somewhere to get food; we ended up going to Skyline.

After Skyline, we went to Panera to work on our NaNo novels. I actually wrote some. In addition to writing, though, I played Uno and read all about the Nationwide race on Twitter. Danika Patrick got a bit upset at being hit from behind; sounds like she’s got a bit of a temper. Kyle Bush ended up winning. I was not impressed. Well ok, I was impressed in the way that he is very good at what he does. But I think he is kinda arrogant about his wins and that totally turns me off of him. Today I am hoping Dennie Hamlin wins.

Ok. Now that I’ve proven my obsession with NASCAR, I’ll find something else to talk about.

Once I got home, Tim and I had some serious discussion asRhonda had mentioned me on Twitter to let me know that I could still possibly get this job that I moved here for and she was willing to find out more if I wanted her to. Well I asked Tim what he wanted me to do and he thinks that the best thing to do is to wait for more info about whether or not I get accepted to Miami or approved for the apartment. I disagree, but I am doing as he asks because he is the leader. It is hard sometimes; I have made my own decisions for so long that my first reaction is to do what I think is best without consulting him. I know that it isn’t right and I am working hard to change that. While we were having our discussion, we played Uno. After that we slept.

This morning we were up at 7:30 and he has gone to church. While he was getting ready we listened to Casting Crowns together which is always nice. Now I am just writing this, thinking about the fact that in 30 minutes, I will hopefully be listening to
Houston’s First Baptist.

The pastor there, Gregg Matte, is a very powerful and spirit-filled speaker. I always look forward to his cermons because I know that I wil come away with a challenge. I did last week and I am sure I will this week as well.

This afternoon, I hope that Tim and I can watch the race together. I had meant to fill out my fafsa this morning but I got started writing this and just haven’t made it there. Hopefully I can do that this evening while Tim is gone to house church with friends in Oxford.

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2 thoughts on “Happy weekend

  1. You can get your FAFSA taken care of. You can. You really, really can. You just have to buckle down and do it. I know you can do it and do well.

  2. Elizabeth


    I’m glad to read you had a good weekend. I hope you get into school.

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