“This is Booooooring”

-(Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone Dudley Dersley)

That’s how I’ve felt all day. I had an important discussion with Tim before he left for work; we made chicken noodle soup for lunch; Josh left for work.

I called my mom and she filled out (I think…) her part of the FAFSA. Then I called the property management office for the apartments that I might move into. I asked if I would, in fact, be able to get a saturday morning appointment after the first of December. They assured me that I could as long as I called the friday before. Very happy Amber this makes me.

Once done with that I just could not settle on anything. I’d start something and then discard that plan either because I didn’t know what to do with it or because it seemed too boooring.

Finally I settled on a book–reading, that is–and that’s all I’ve done since then. We had pizza for dinner and then I went back to my book for a bit before having a shower. After my shower I went back to reading. Now Tim is home and I’m going to spend some much-anticipated time with him!

G’night ya’ll!

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One thought on ““This is Booooooring”

  1. A slow day but sometimes that’s just what the doctor orders as being right for one. It may seem boring at first when you should be doing something but just aren’t. However, by relaxing and reading, you are recharging the battery so you can have more energy to do what you want to later on. That’s how I look at it anyway.

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