A Mixture of things

I’m sorry I haven’t written to talk about what’s going on. I’ve started a few times and then internet explorer has crashed or I’ve gotten distracted with other things. So, really quickly, while Tim is having his breakfast and I am not distracted by anyone else neding my attention or assistance, I will catch my blog (and its readers) up.

Thanksgiving was nice; I went with Josh and Beth to Beth’s Aunt’s house. There were lots of people and lots of food and lots of guys-which meant that my wish to watch football was granted. Basically: the guys drank beer and watched ball; I drank pop and did same. Two of my three teams won, so I was very pleased with that. Then Beth’s two uncles played some music. I, knowing how much Tim loves his drums, recorded a drum solo Mark did that day, then another on Saturday…(I’m getting there….) along with a couple songs.

Friday I made some calls but didn’t really get any answers. I also scheduled the checks to be sent to Josh for going to get me this coming Sunday and to College Property Management for my deposit and application fee, should I get approved for the apartment.

Saturday we went back to Laurie’s for an OSU-Michigan party..(a party where the whole point is to watch ball and have a few drinks? Sure! Count me in!) OSU won (a Jell-o shot for each time they scored any points…) (The score ended up being 37-7…) At half time, Mark and friends played downstairs in the basement. As I said above, I recorded some of this, to.

On the way home from this extravagance, I, having only had two slices of pizza, 1 Dr. Pepper, 1 m and M cookie and many many jell-o shots, asked Josh to stop at KFC, which he obligingly did.

Once home, I had a very nice conversation with Tim, who had been sick since Thanksgiving Day, and once that was done, I ate. Then I started feeling badly. So maybe it was the food but maybe not. It lasted til yesterday pretty much, which, coincidentally, was about how long it lasted for Tim, though he was sick earlier than I.

Sunday, more football and good talk with Tim. Monday, a scare with Tim’s Mom, which he was, thank the Father, there to help sort out. For me, aside from worry for her and for him–he’s got a lot of emotional stuff going on right now–a conversation with OSU, wherein I discover that they to, are willing to use my GED and college transcripts to decide my admitance. Also among my accomplishments: my completed and submitted FAFSA. I called to ask UC the same question about ACT/SAT scores being necessary, but was (again, as I have been in the past) transfered to someone who did not answer, so I left a message.

Today, I plan to try to reach the person at UC again, and depending on his answer, then to find out how much, if any, of my payment for the ACT I can get back if I don’t take it. I need to send off requests for my GED transcripts and finish submitting the applications to OSU and UC, but had been waiting to see what the deal with needing the ACT scores was. Now that I know for OSU, the only other thing is the application fee. I’ll call today and see if there is any way to get that waived and if so, I’ll submit that.

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