Acceptance and Vacation Part 1

I’m in! I’m in I’m in I’m in!

I! Am! An! Accepted student at Miami University of Ohio!

They’ve accepted me and I’m going to start in January and I’m back in school and I’m so happy happy happy! I’m going to school I’m going to school


I can’t believe it I can’t really believe this is happening to me there’s no way this is crazy crazy crazy and if it weren’t cold i’d go make snow angels and throw snowballs with someone or build a snowman or maybe a replica of my school except that would be kind of hard since i don’t know anything about how it looks yet but I would most certainly try yes I would I wouldI would!

Uh….Run-ons? Do I really ever do that? (Thinking hard) Nah…maybe I should go bak and correct it? I am going for my Bachelor’s in English Creative Writing, after all…Uh….nah….I’ll leave it. I’m excited and…well….who cares about grammar? Plenty of time to learn about grammar and write properly in the coming semesters!

I am going to school! I’m going I’m going I’m going!

But wait, you say. What about your vacation? Didn’t you say in the title you would talk about that, to?

Oh yes–that! I almost forgot, what with the excitement of getting accepted to Miami and all…

Ok. So the trip to Saint Louis went well–I just rode. The only thing of any consequence that happened was a guy got busted for smoking in the bathroom on the bus.

Riding the bus all day long is no fun, just in case you were curious.

Neither is getting to the station and discovering that on top of having ridden the bus all day, your ride is not there yet so you have to sit and wait–some more!

Dinner that night was nice; whenever we did get there, Adriene’s friend had already cooked so we ate and talked a lot. Then the girls came home from visiting their father. They are adorable little girls. I did not get any pictures or video as I’d originally hoped–I was too busy playing with them to stay still with a camera!

My first encounter with their father was not very impressive; his attitude was very off-putting, as well as his lack of regard for his sleeping children or their mother who had been trying to have a relaxing bath whenever he just pushed his way into the apartment.

Tuesday we played a lot with the girls and sat around and talked. Dinner was a joint effort; spaghetti that turned out really well, if I may say so myself! The big thing that happened on Tuesday, though, was the call about my acceptance! I called to see if my transcripts had arrived–and they had! Not only had they arrived, the Admissions Coordinater told me, but they’d reviewed my file and decided to accept me! Needless to say, I bounced around the living room and squealed like a child on Christmas and all sorts of unprofessional things! Then I got myself together and found out some more important information

Wednesday, I didn’t feel well and laid around most of the day. Yesterday, Thursday, we took the train from Saint Louis to Warrensburg. There are lots of things I’ve been reflecting on since this trip started, but there’s no time to write them all. Last night whenever we got here, we discovered, much to our surprise, that the one solitary cab driver in Warrensburg was in Kansas City. Thus, we walked from the train station to her apartment, with many stops along the way for an ornery bag that kept coming undone from her suitcase.

Once we got here, Ev went back out for Chinese. After dinner, we pulled the top matress off of her bunk and spread blankets on it for me. Thinking we’d get to bed since it’d been a long day, we got into bed and said good night…

Only to have the smoke detecter go off shortly after! The smoke decter going off, naturally, set off the entire building, which, in turn, summoned Warrensburg’s finest to check on us…Oh joy!

Back in bed after all the meyhem…We waited for the smoke detecter to go off again (which it did not do.)

This mornig, we didn’t get up tila blissfully late 11:00 (and that to an exterminator at the door checking on all the apartments.)

Once he left, Ev came back and said she thought we were maybe the only ones in the building. It’s funny because last night, we were joking about my acceptance and how quiet it was on campus. We were saying that “normal people” went home for Christmas, but us being “not so normal” were spending our holiday at the University. Then we laughed that it wasn’t enough that I was getting accepted to a university and would be spending plenty of time there in the next four years, but I had to come visit another university over the holidays, to! It doesn’t look as funny in writing, I know, but it was funny when we were walking back from the train station.

For breakfast/lunch, we had chocolate maltomeal. Now I had had maltomeal before, but chocolate was new to me. I think I like it.

Once that was over, we came in here and got on the computer and have just been hanging out. We were planning a trip to Walmart, but have opted not to go, just because we’re afraid that the cab driver will take us, drop us off, then get a call out of town and we’ll be stuck there. We’re having a friend of Ev’s to Christmas dinner tomorrow…not sure exactly what we’re going to make since we can’t get to Walmart, but she dos have a ham and we thought we could just make some vegetables and have brownies or cookies for dessert.

I’ve tried to update some things for her computer and we might read soon. Tonight for dinner we’re going to make lemon chicken with potatos and green beans. Still not sure yet on the menu for our Christmas dinner, but I’ll write about it after the fact, I’m sure.

Now we are sitting around eating starburst and playing with a talking blood pressure cuff. Uh….Yeah. Don’t ask. Ok? We’re not weird. Really. I promise.

There are only seven days until I’m in my new apartment, if we don’t count today and we don’t count the day I move in, which is Saturday!

I still can’t believe I’ll get to live right across the hall from my baby. This whole thing is so amazing and I am really trying to praise God and give thanks and give the glory all to him. I know that it is because of him that I have any of the things that I do.

I do hope that you all have a very Happy Christmas. Most of all, though, I hope that you remember what Christmas is really all about. It is about a king who came to save his people. A God who loves us more than he loves himself. A Heavenly Father who would rather go to hell for us than stay in Heaven without us. Remember that he loves you and on Christmas he came to this Earth fully intending to die for you. And there was no hesitation. He came. He lived. he died. He loved.

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One thought on “Acceptance and Vacation Part 1

  1. Adriene

    That, was a great post. The smoke detectors, wow! Interesting, very interesting. But wishing the incident with Arthur hadn’t happened so nothing bad had to be put in there, I highly regret that happening. But I’m thinking of all the fun we had and all the little tiny moments that I was able to have with you. Love you so much Renee, but I will say no more, you know the rest. Marry Christmas.

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