The Move Plus A Week

Ok ok ok…I know…I haven’t updated since I moved–and that was eleven days ago! I’ve just been…well…busy!

The move itself was actually pretty uneventful. Josh shot a vid of me opening the apartment, though, so…

Once in, he painted the stove, microwave, and thermastats; we unloaded the car; went to grocery store; brought groceries in; put groceries away. He read some instructions for me which we recorded on my phone and then he left.

That night I cooked dinner for Tim and I, despite my not knowing where _anything was. While I cooked, we talked and listened to Tomlin’s new album which we both think is amazingly worshipful!

Sunday we went to church together and a member of the church gave the message because Pastor was not there; I think he did an amazing job. The message was definitely one I needed to hear.

Monday I helped Tim get ready for work and then made calls for school; this went on all week, but the verdict is that due to the financial aspect of things, I won’t be starting until I get things squared away with BSVI. I’m hoping that will be summer but if they say I have to wait until fall, then I guess that’s what I do.

I unpacked and cleaned and sorted and organized all week and basically my days looked like this:

*Get tim ready for work
*Come back to my apartment and clean
*Meet Tim after work (either to share dinner or spend time together.)
*Return to my apartment for shower/sleep.

As you can tell, in a way, it’s been uneventful. In other ways, though, it’s been interesting. Tim’s hot water heater decided it wasn’t sure whether or not it wanted to explode so we spent a few days on our tip-toes about that. Then they put a new one in on Wednesday and all was well again.

Friday night I cooked dinner again and saturday evening we went to observe another church’s contemporary service with the praise team to see if there was anything we could learn from them about how to handle the music portion of our services. I was asked along because they are trying to convince me that I really want to join the praise team…They’ve almost succeeded. I’m not sure I want to sing…or rather, I do but I don’t think I sound good enough. At dinner afterwards, the topic of the sound board came up and I said I’d be willing to learn it, though I was by no means an expert. I have a friend who knows them backwards and forwards and if he’s reading this he’d probably say it’d be crazy for me to try…but someone who doesn’t know a whole lot is better than no one who doesn’t know anything, right?

So anyway, I was saying that though I was hesitant to sing I was more than willing to learn the sound board and be of assistance from there. I guess we will see if anyone asks me if I have time to learn it.

Sunday we had service again and afterwards, Tim did something sooo sweet. A member of the praise team was bringing us home and he asked on our way out of the parking lot if we had lunch squared away or if we wanted him to stop somewhere. Tim, knowing I didn’t have any money, still said if he didn’t mind, we’d like him to stop. So then he started asking where we wanted to go. Tim asked if the Sonic was too far out of the way.

Oh my goodness…Sonic! I had a grilled chicken wrap and Sonic fries and Sonic ice….and omygoodness it was soooo awesome!

As if that sweetness weren’t enough, yesterday morning while we were getting him ready for work, he gifted me a scanner app that allows you to take a picture of a document and then it converts that picture into text that you can read. It’s picky and it’s not perfect and you aren’t necessarily going to get a clean copy of the page…but it is definitely better than nothing!

My box from Jessica arrived yesterday…which was awesome and cool. She was nice enough to send a mixer, cookie sheets, a pizza stone and ice trays. The only thing I already had was ice trays–and that was only because the girl left them. I’m so thankful for everything that everyone has done for me to get started in this apartment…it means so very much to me.

Finally today, I am preparing for Testimony Tuesday–which we put off last week due to my issues with school and unpacking etc. I’m not thinking anyone will speak but we will share praise reports and prayer requests and I think I will read some bible verses or maybe a portion of a book…who knows?

Anyway, I suppose I should make my dinner before we meet in an hour. More later, hopefully.

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