#todaysverse John 3:16

I know I know I know…You want another update and I’ve been really bad about it. What I do bring you today, instead of an update on me, is a verse to ponder.

Everyone knows the verse in the book of John, in Chapter 3 that everyone makes reference to…It is 16. A lot of people will think that it is used too much or that it loses its power as it is used so often. I disagree. Let’s take this verse a few words at a time together, shall we?

“For God so loved the world…” (That’s you! You are a person in this world! He loved you!) “…that he gave…” (He didn’t loan it! He didn’t say ‘one day I may ask for it back!’ He didn’t say ‘if you’ll do x y or z!’ He gave.) “…His only begotten son…” (There is not another. Only one! His child whom he loved! The only one! He gave his child to you! For you!) “…that whosoever believeth…” (That means anyone! As long as you believe! There are no tricks. There are no requirements! Believe in Him!) “…shall not perish…” (You will not die or be swept away or lost. Perish is a synonym for lost! You will not be lost if you just believe in Him!) “…but…” (synonym for instead!) “…will have everlasting life!” (Again, the word ‘have’ is a synonym for possess. Own. He is giving. Not loaning. Everlasting-forever. Eternal. Unending. Life.)

Who else could give you such a thing? Who else could love that much? Could you? Would you? give your only child for someone who didn’t even know you? Who didn’t even exist yet? Who would ignore you or degrade you or insult or disregard you? What would it be like to offer your only child to a people who mocked you?

But God did! He sent his son to us and watched as we treated him with disdain and disregard. No-you weren’t there when he was, but what we do before we accept him is the same thing! We laugh at the people who go to church and live godly lives. We disregard friends who tell us that there is a better way; a happier way. We accept other religions because God has too many rules. We mock the miracles Jesus performed…’who could raise someone from the dead’ we would say. Or ‘touch someone and heal their blindness?’ Yes-we showed the same disdain; the same disregard; the same disrespect to Jesus as those who physically persecuted him!

So could you offer your child to a people who you knew would not love and accept him?

I don’t know about you, but I’m honest enough to say that I don’t believe that I truly could.

Still, he loves you.

Let Him!

The power in that verse amazes me and it overwhelms me whenever I think of what God gave for me. Whenever I think of how he was strong enough to send his only son to die on a cross alone and afraid and unloved.

I once read a book by Max Lucado called “3-16: The Numbers Of Hope”

He walks with you through this verse as I have just done but in more depth and tries to show you just how much God loves you. It is an amazingly beautiful book which portrays God’s love for us in a very real way.

I first was inspired to use this verse for today’s Verse by a comment that I posted on a friend’s blog. She was talking about a friend of hers who had just recently accepted Christ and how happy for this person she was. I responded with something similar to the above and thought ‘you know? That would make a good Today’s Verse’ so I used it.

My only hope is that it has blessed someone in some way. That it was what someone needed to hear tonight.

More on me soon–I promise!

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