Daughters Of God

So for some time, I’ve been talking about getting the women’s group back together to do bible studies and fellowship regularly.

To that end, I’ve created:
Daughters of God.

Membership is moderated, but that’s more so I get a chance to see who’s joining us than because there’s a rule about who can and can’t join.

If you’re a woman and you either have accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior or have questions about Him that you want to find answers to, you’re welcome to join. That’s it. There are no age restrictions, no requirements about how long you’ve been a Christian etc. Just come as you are.

Yesterday Tim had his eye surgery and according to Mr. Meloy, “he lived.”

That was all the text said. haha.

I was getting ready to write him back but then he called me and we talked a moment. Apparently, there have been no signs that he might not be able to come back to work on Monday. This is good since he’s essentially missed two whole weeks. What I do know is that he’s not supposed to bend at the waist or pick up anything heavy.

Ben has been an angel. He doesn’t pull hard when we go out and he hasn’t gotten into anything he shouldn’t. So adorable.

Last night I went to dinner with the Birchfields, and Kim, Spenser and I talked about going hiking once the weather clears. Woohoo! Been a while since I’ve done anything like that; I’m excited!

This Sunday, (I’m hoping Tim is back in time to go with us), I’m going with the Birchfields to a Super Bowl party. I’m thinking that’s going to be loads of fun.

Today is nice; it’s still cold but the sun is shining and I’m thinking some of this crap will melt off…maybe.

But maybe not…and we’re supposed to get some more tomorrow night…oh joy!

Reflections to come on Sunday’s message soon–I promise! I’ve got to clean some and maybe take Ben for a walk since we’ve been cooped up in here since Monday night due to the weather.

Oh yeah, and one more thing: this is the shortest post I’ve written in quite some time…hahaha!

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One thought on “Daughters Of God

  1. alpatterson8525

    I’m so glad Tim is okay.

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