Super Sunday and Settled Situations

Ok, so I know–it’s been two weeks. What’s a girl to do? I’ve been busy and…well…every two weeks is still more frequent than it’s been being, right?

So After sucky Sunday, I don’t really remember exactly what I did with that week, but it disappeared, just like this one has, though I doubt I’ll be forgetting it as quickly as I did the one before.

Sunday-We went! I finally met Mrs. meloy and she’s the sweetest woman! We went down after church and out to Longhorn for dinner. I am really going to enjoy developing a relationship with her!

Monday-Blah blah blah blah. Phone calls that didn’t get me anywhere, my sexual assault support group and time with one of my co-workers and her children.

Tuesday-Blah blah blah blah.


I’m trying to get a letter to help prove my status as a resident of Ohio so that I can be considered an instate student for tuition purposes. only I’ve tried and tried and tried to get in touch with Josh and no response. So Wednesday morning I get this bright idea to sign into an old skype that I don’t use anymore to look for Beth’s number.

Right…which is when the world absolutely explodes. people see me signed into that skype and automatically assume that I’m doing something I’m not and that I’ve been doing something I haven’t and proceed to do their absolute best to ruin my life.

Only they haven’t and won’t succeed and I wish they’d get that through their heads.

This thing has been discussed and i’ve been accused every since then. Today they even went so far as to drag my mother into it, which did not make me terribly happy. She did, however, make it clear that she would have none of the drama and that she didn’t want to discuss it and she wanted them to stop discussing it, to.

Yesterday-Bible study at noon and time with julie at CFS in the afternoon. She interviewed a teen who had been assaulted at a younger age and she and I clicked immediately, so exchanged numbers and I hope will develop what can be a beneficial friendship for both of us.

Today i went and got the papers from the SSA explaining my income. Now all I have to do is take the application in to the office and see if all this paper work is enough to get my declared a resident of Ohio. I’m not very sure what I’ll do if not, just for the very fact that there is no one to help me take out loans.

After a wonderful dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread, Tim and I are off to game night with friends.

I just want to say before I close here, that I am thankful. thankful for Tim most of all, because I know that who we are together is so much better than I would be alone…and who we are together with God in the center is so much better than we would be able to be if we just relied on one another. I try to tell him every day what he means to me but sometimes I know, I don’t say or do enough. I get frustrated with him for something small; I take frustrations with others out on him; I’m moody when i’m having nightmares; I expect him to understand when I need to be held without telling him so, among other things.

Some of the things they are accusing me of I have done in the past and he would have every reason to wonder if the things being said were true. I am fortunate in that he does not believe it, because this time, I really did not do it. I am thankful for the love that God has blessed us with for one another. I am thankful for friends who support us through hard times. I am thankful for a wonderful church family where we have the privellege of serving on the praise team. I am thankful for my mother and brothers. I am thankful for my sister and my niece and nephew. I’m blessed beyond measure and I absolutely want to give all of the glory to The One And Only God.

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