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Mary Jane:

Tim’s niece is having her first birthday party this sunday afternoon, and his sister asked him if I was coming. Naturally, I’m hoping that when he asks his dad that it all works out. I think it’s super awesome that she asked if I was coming, as it implies that she wants me there. She is one person I haven’t yet met, so I’m a little nervous but excited and really hoping it all happens.


I’ve done some observation hours at the Community Counseling and Crisis Center (otherwise known as the four C’s) but we aren’t sure if I’ll be able to actually answer phones (which is what I’m actually training for) because I can’t read the caller ID and we can’t find a talking one that is designed for multiline systems, and even if we could, the money for one just doesn’t exist. There is talk about finding me something else helpful to do at the center, but I don’t know yet what that would be.


I’ve got a schedule but I’ve got to take a class off because Tim has asked me not to take 19 hours. I don’t agree with it but I will do it because he is my leader and I do believe that he has my best interests in mind. Otherwise, I will be starting school in 3 weeks, assuming that I get approved for instate tuition rather than out-of-state tuition, because it’s twice as much.


I’m now doing a show on
Mojo Radio.

It’s a Christ-centered show, intended to reach out to whoever it will. I will share bible verses, devotionals, prayers and praise reports, as well as playing music.


Tonight I have my support group and tomorrow I’ll be going to the campus to meet with the Travel instructor to learn as much as I can with him about the campus before I have to figure the rest of it out on the run.

There are millions of other things I should say but right now I’m sitting in a meeting for the Festival of the Trees and I really should be paying attention (but I’m not.) I think we’re going to scrap this idea and just use the trees for CFS’s anual meeting because there just aren’t enough donors and sponsors to actually continue doing this festival.

I’m looking forward to starting school. I really hope that I get approved for in-state tuition because It would really, really, really, suck to have to wait one more whole semester.

I know posting my old entry from months ago was maybe weird, but I really did feel that it captured an important place in my mind, which I had written about immediately but I hadn’t posted in my journal.

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