Really? Tomorrow? Oh my!

So this is going to be short. I’ve got to be up in 6 hours to be at the bus stop by 7:15.

What’s happened the past couple weeks in a nutshell, because there truly is no time with which I might write everything.

MJ’s party: It was a huge success. I met most of the rest of his family and I think his sis likes me which is good. I got to hold MJ (let’s not discuss the fact that she was crying) and she got lots of cute presents. There was plenty of food and cake and kids and fun. I went home that evening very confident in how things are.

Tuesday’s show: Went very well, after which I had more travel instruction.

Friday I did a cover for someone. All this time I’m filling out paper work and submitting information to different peoples.

I won’t keep talking about my shows because I don’t have time right now. There is not going to be much depth to this post and I am sorry for that but I did want to get you all caught up so that I could just go from here after the first day of school.

Wednesday evening, Tim and I went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant here in town, after which we came home and then later decided to go for shakes at the UDF.

Whenever we went in, I set my phone down on the counter to loop a bag over my arm that contained a gallon of milk; picked up my shake and walked out with my cane in one hand, shake in the other and milk over my arm…leaving the phone on the fmeepin counter!

I don’t realize it’s gone til I’m home and I can’t find it. Of course I fmeepin left it!

I call and ask about it and they say they don’t have it and they didn’t see anyone take it.

We walk up and get the same shpeal but are told that the manager will be asked to look at the cameras in the morning to see if there is any sign of it. No call back though, so after getting all equipment on Thursday (Mac Mini, iPad 2, Focus Blue 40, BookSense, scanner, printer, Kurzweil (scanning software) and case for iPad that has a magnetic bluetooth keyboard) and talking with Tim, we decided on Friday for me to file a police report.

I did and in the end, it was determined that I could not start school without a phone, so Tim took me, sweetheart that he is, and bought me a new phone Saturday morning before we did our outreach Spirit Jam in Hamilton with the praise team. it was 6 solid hours of amazing praising and if I can get the file chopped up into segments that equal songs then I will play some soon on a show because I think One (the name of our band) rocks!

The bus I take from my house to the school leaves my bus stop at 7:14 and gets me to campus at 7:35, so I’ve got a few minutes for a coffee before class starts which is a good thing because another bad thing that happened to us in the past couple weeks is Tim’s coffee pot broke (again!)

He seems to have the absolute worst luck I’ve ever seen someone have on coffee pots!

His Apex (note-taker, for sighted friends/family who read) went out on him one day (battery acting wonky and unit not recognizing SD card) and so he thought that he was going to have to replace his equipment…(6k easily!)

That did, Father be thanked, sort itself out, and life went on again.

Tomorrow I have class from 8:00-8:50, 9:05-10:00, 11:15-12:30, and 2:15-3:05. I plan to go to Hamilton in the evening for my support group, so I won’t be home until some unholy hour tomorrow night…(good thing I don’t have school on Tuesday, to!)

Oh yeah, and if you’re going to sync your phone? Don’t, under any circumstances, plug it into the back of something other than your CPU…it will fail and do lots and lots of bad things and you will have to restore but it won’t work until you plug it back into the right place….

Don’t ask how i know this and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’m nervous about my classes but am hoping that if I can just get a moment with each professor, I can outline my needs fairly well and establish a good line of communication. I should have written letters but honestly things happened so last-minute since we were waiting on authorizations for this and that and the other that I just wasn’t even sure I’d get to go.

It’s ten til one and I really should sleep, but I’m thinking of taking out the trash and finding places to plug everything in so that it’s all charged up for tomorrow.

Hoping to write about everything that happens, but of course, as I always say, there’s no guarantee of anything.

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