Week One!

Since I know you’ve been anxiously (or maybe not so anxiously) awaiting the report on my first week, here ’tis. Know that I wrote it sort of randomly whenever I had time and some days have more detail than others and I’ve got to post this now or I’ll have to run week one and two together and I don’t really want to do that…So…


First of all, I’ve no idea what I was doing wandering round outside at seven in the morning with no coffee and no clue where I was going looking for a bus stop that I knew existed but which I obviously couldn’t find on my non-cafeinated brain on a Monday no less, but as a result of said wandering, I missed the first bus and was forced to choose between walking or waiting for the other. I first thought I’d walk–it was a very nice day–but then i thought of the fact that I really did have enough walking cut out for me today, it being the first day and so I waited.

Well this turned out to be a bad plan as I only had five minutes to find a class that I definitely did not find on time. being late wasn’t so very bad though, because there wer other students who came in late and it was the first day, after all.

The professor was very nice; I really think I’m going to enjoy this music class. We are going to learn about how to clasify music and what influences music and how music influences us. This seems like a very intriguing topic to me, so i think I’ll like it.

I scheduled an appointment to meet with that professor Wednesday during my lunch break and I am hoping that we can come to a good understanding about what will and won’t be helpful for me in this class. There are a lot of online requirements, so i’m really hoping the site is accessible (which I haven’t checked yet and should do before we meet on Wednesday.)

After scheduling that meeting, it was off to the next class, which was my literature class. The professor did not keep the class long; maybe ten minutes. After she dismissed them, we had our meeting and worked our arrangements out. I need to find out from the Print Center how soon I can have some readings that I have to do next week and we agreed that I will not take these quick quizzes that she gives the class and I will just get double graded on class participation. This should not be difficult as people find it hard to shut me up at times and reading and writing are some of my favorite pastimes in the world.

After this meeting, i went to Shriver to grab some fruit as I hadn’t had anything for breakfast. Their prices are outrageous! Nevertheless, I paid it using meal plan money and was off to my next class, to which I was not late, Father be thanked.

America: A Global perspective is definitely going to be an interesting class, and the professor is very prompt. She started taking role at one minute passed the start time of the class.

After the class was over, we met and worked out our arrangements and then I went to get lunch.

My next class is Psychology of the Learner, and this professor makes me think of Tim’s boss, who avoids technology at all costs. Still, he was very agreeable and we will get on just fine, I think.

Once the class was over, I got the bus to Hamilton so that I could attend my support group, but in the end, slept the whole time I was at the center.

Today was a little easier; I didn’t get quite as lost and wasn’t quite as late. The only change was that in the evening I went to my Social Relations class which was dismissed early, which in turn enabled me to go to the Birchfields’ for dinner. This was definitely a treat as I hadn’t expected to be able to go until a break.

I also did meet with the music teacher and she seems very understanding about my needs as a blind student, so I am very optomistic.

All week I have communicated back and forth with the EText print services about my books, and finally finally finally! I have them all. This means I will be playing catch-up over the weekend, but we aren’t talking about that part. I’ve also been communicating with the Health center about an insurance waver, which will allow me to get the money that was paid for Miami’s health insurance plan back. I got that done Thursday and am glad that’s over with.

Thursday evening I made a mac and cheese recipe that we’d got from Tim’s dad and I liked it a lot.

There is plenty of work for me to be doing right now but of course I’m writing in my blog. I’m really needing to write more details about what I’m doing but I got behind and I guess if I would take more time for me I would get more done but of course I don’t so I probably won’t.

Today I talked to Hope and found out that though I will get that money back, I either have to put it back or refund it to RSC because they paid it, so I can’t spend it on anything except college stuff. I also met with Dan for the last time today. I won’t be meeting with him again until I get my next semester’s classes.


Tim and I hung out a lot and just relaxed. Time for us has been scarce since I started school, so this was good.


We went to church in the morning and in the afternoon I did some school work while he did some personal stuff. Last night we watched _A _Time _To _Kill and it was very interesting. I had never read the book but Tim had and he says they took a lot of liberties but over all it was good.

Today I will do good to get through all my classes. Bye Bye for now, ya’ll!

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