Happiness is relative

Whenever you’re used to having nothing because your parents do good to pay the bills and someone is generous enough to buy you a new pair of shoes from Good Will, you are happy and this small endulgence makes you feel you have been blessed.

When you have your own apartment and you pay the bills but only have enough to make it through the month by not spending anywhere and someone does something nice for your birthday, you are happy because you know that you couldn’t possibly have got that for yourself, and you feel blessed.

When you are working a part-time job and you make enough to have some spending money and you generally don’t go without but you can’t seem to come up with enough to put down on a house or a car, but then you get an unexpected bonus at work or your income taxes make it possible for you to pay a few things off so that you will have a little more money to put down on a house or car, you feel blessed, not because you have all of the things that the people I mentioned before have, but because you now can have the one thing you have reached for but were previously unable to get.

When we talk about material blessings, it is easy to count each blessing.









But what about being blessed emotionally? Spiritually?

Do you ever feel like you aren’t blessed or like you need something more, because the blessings that you’ve been given materialistically don’t count?

What if you have supportive friends or family and are loved by those around you but you can’t seem to meet that special person to spend your life with?

You may sometimes feel that you aren’t blessed because it’s the one thing that you want that you don’t have.

What if you have found that special person but they either don’t love you back or choose not to pursue a relationship with you?

Maybe you feel as though life isn’t fair or you’re not blessed because you know you love this person and would be happy to spend your life with them, but it is irrelevant because they don’t love you back or they have chosen for whatever reason not to pursue that relationship. Maybe you feel that you will never love anyone the way you love that person. maybe you feel that no one else will ever love you like you believe that person would.

Regardless, I’m here to tell you that there is something bigger and better and the blessings are there if you will just reach out and take them.




God sent his one and only son, to die on the cross for you.

Yes. You.

I’m talking to you.

The drug adict.

The alcoholic.

The prostitute.

The single mother.

The divorcé.

The abused.

The abuser.

The homosexual.

He does not care.

He loves you.

He died. For you.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or where you’re from.




Enough to send his son to be persecuted and abused and misunderstood and misrepresented and treated with disdain and as if that weren’t enough, to be hung on a cross.

The man who lived without sin hung on a cross all to save you from your sin.

He hung there to save you.

To save me.

To save even those who beat him even then.

Luke chapter 23 and verse 34 in the NIV says:

“Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

This he said of the men who had placed him on the cross and were ripping and tearing his clothes and his body and doing their absolute best to kill him while he hung there!

Will you just think about that a second?

No. Really. Don’t read any further. Go back and re-read that verse, please?





Nope. it’s probably only been 30 seconds. Go back. Sit there with that verse focused on your screen for a whole minute. Re-read it and memorize it. Pray over it. Whatever you feel led to do. But do not rush past this part of my post. Please. it’s important.

Are you going to sit there and still say he cannot forgive you?

You are going to tell me that the Son of God. The Father in the flesh. Will not forgive you even though he forgave and begged forgiveness for the men who had put him on the cross and were killing him?

Come on! If he can forgive the men who were killing him, what makes you think he can’t forgive you?

Really take some time to reflect on the blessing that you can have. That is availible to you if you will only reach for it: forgiveness and unconditional love of the Father in Heaven.

Most gracious loving Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the message that you have given me to share this morning. I thank you for choosing me to share the message of your love and forgiveness with the world. Father I just thank you for your forgiveness. You could have decided that we were not worth it. You could have decided that we were the least of your creations. You didn’t. You tell us that we are the greatest of them.

Father I pray that if there is one who is reading this and does not know you now, that this person would just cry out to you for forgiveness of his or her sins and praise your holy name. That he or she will know that you are God and that the blessing of your love and forgiveness is greater than any blessing that he or she could ever have on this Earth.

Materialistic blessings are good. Emotional blessings of friends and family and a special someone to spend our lives with is nice. But your love endures forever.

Touch each person who reads this in a very special way Lord. Help each person to know that they are loved.

In Christ’s name I pray,


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