Reason 412321456599 Why…

I will never promise to write an entry by a certain deadline!

The past couple weeks have been insane!

I’ve been in school, obviously, but that’s boring and no one wants to read that stuff, so on to better things…like how I was “let go” from Mojo Radio.

Well, so, the story goes that from the beginning, I had broadcasted from Tim’s house, which, i was told was fine, as long as he didn’t mind, which of course, he didn’t.

Whenever I got my Mac, I wanted to set up the SPL demo so that I could broadcast from my house, which went fine…until all of a sudden, as though they didn’t know this, it was “discovered” that I didn’t have my own internet; that I was using Tim’s and; the router wasn’t at my house.

Now, I don’t have a problem with the fact that this was a problem.

I have a problem with the fact that it wasn’t a problem three weeks ago, but all of a sudden it’s a new problem.

Furthermore, it was presented as a topic that had been worried over and discussed in great length, though these discussions never took place with me.

As a result, I was asked to ask for cover, because they weren’t sure they were going to continue letting me do my show.

I said that I would not ask for cover for a show that I was perfectly capable of putting on, since after I checked that evening, it was discovered that Tim’s demo hadn’t run out after all.

I was told that I was not doing my show and I should write in for cover and I said that I would not write in for cover, since it technically was not needed.

I said that since the decision that would be made would be that I could not continue my show, I was done, and i wasn’t writing in to say i quit or anything; the staff would know I quit whenever they hadn’t heard from me and I didn’t do my show the next day.

That all blew over and I spent a few days wondering what I could do to continue doing my shows, and came upon the solution of doing a show for

It will be in my old time slot with Mojo (12-3 EST) on Tuesdays (also same day i was doing it previously.)

See the site for listen links!

Tim and I went this morning to breakfast at patterson’s, to his old bank (First Financial) to withdraw money and to the new bank (Chase, which we both bank at now) to deposit the money he had taken out. From the second bank, we went to get his hair cut, which did not take long. On the way back from that is when plans exploded.

benjamin is dog-distracted; always has been. Whenever we left the barber shop, we encountered…

A dog…

Whose owner did not want to assist us by walking in another direction.

Gotta love pet owners who have no respect for the rights of guides!

We spent several minutes trying to get him back under control, which struggled to succeed, whereupon, we ducked into Skyline Chilli for our lunch.

This was nice as I hadn’t had Skyline in some time, but to be honest, it wasn’t our original plan.

Yesterday, I met a young lady on the medical van, who after the exchange of information, we have invited to dinner tonight; I’m making burgers and french fries–I’m excited!

Tomorrow, after Park, I’m going shopping with jen and in the evening, we’re going to the Birchfields’ for house church. i’m really excited about this as we haven’t seen them in a few weeks. I’ve invited Sean to join us for the next dinner I put on, which i think will become a weekly or maybe biweekly thing, depending on how my schedule allows.

I believe that it will be good for Tim and I to get to spend some time with people who share our unique disability, and it will give each of them–Sean as well as Aliyah–the opportunity to experience the independence of social interaction and if they like, the independent living skills that go along with preparing a dinner party.

All right; I’m off to get aliyah. hopefully, I can show her a few times where we live and she will be able to walk here herself after that.

If not, i don’t mind getting her, but there’s something absolutely amazing about helping others find that level of independence that previously eluded them.

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