Whenever you begin school–college, I mean–you have this idealic picture in your head. This is what it looks like:

Wake up refreshed every morning (because you surely went to bed on time and slept all the way through the night undisturbed.).

Have breakfast (leasurely, that is.)

Get to your first class (on time and without looking as though you ran the last 3 blocks, and if you did run them, no one can tell because you’re just in good shape that way.)

Take good notes (read as, don’t miss important assignment dates or details on how to complete particular assignments.)

Remain attentive through class, and participate intelectually in discussions that take place.

Pack up and depart the room in a slow, leisurely manner, not indicating you’ve got to be all the way across campus in ten minutes, despite the fact that it’s icy and snowing outside.

Have lunch with friends without having to feel guilty for not studying through lunch, because, after all, there should be time for studying once you’re home.

Attend your 3rd class of the day and still be paying as much attention as when you entered your first one this morning.

Get home and have dinner, after which you study effectively, completing the homework that was assigned that day.

Enjoy a leisurely bath, because you’re not behind and you have nothing else to do.

Spend time with friends or reading or doing leisure activities until bed.


What you end up with is something like this:

Snooze the alarm 3 times, at which point you are definitely rushed.

Skip breakfast in favor of looking nice. promise yourself you’ll ‘grab a bite’ after your first class.

Slide in the classroom door seconds before the clock says it’s time for the professor to begin. You still look odd because everyone else is already at their desks and you’re the only one who isn’t. Write a note to yourself that you will not be this close to late again; it’s humiliating.

Start packing up five minutes before class is over, not because you’re inattentive or because you’re trying to rush the clock, but because you need every single second of those ten minutes to get across campus, and even that’s not a guarantee.

Skip breakfast because an opportunity to eat just does not present itself.

Eat a ginormous lunch because you didn’t eat breakfast, and read some obscure text for class while eating, because you won’t have time later.

Repeatedly pinch yourself in your last class to force yourself to remain awake.

Get home and have a sandwich for dinner because you’re just too exhausted to really care what you eat.

Study for hours, after which you shower quickly (who has time for a relaxing bath when it’s almost 11:00 and you’ve been studying the past 3 hours straight and would fall asleep standing up if you thought it safe?)

Fall into bed, asleep before your head hits the pillow.


Ok, so maybe some of this is a bit of an exaggeration, but I assure you that it’s not far from the truth.

Some students fall somewhere in between, to be sure, and I don’t necessarily think I’m as terrible as the ‘realistic’ schedule I wrote, but I do know that I’m closer to that side than I am to the ‘picture perfect’ schedule I invision at the start of each semester.

I was thinking about this recently–how I seem to always think at the start of each semester that ‘this one will be better’ in terms of time-management–but the truth is that it just never is.

it’s not that I don’t try and it’s not really that I don’t have faith in myself. It’s more that I keep trying to do way more than I am physically capable of.

I started writing this post ages ago, and am just now finishing it, so I guess I should post this and then write a real update, if the things going on can be sumarized.

For now, have this.

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