Sunny Saturday

So I’m once again at my favorite cafe having coffee and breakfast. I’ve got my braille display back and am using it to write this, because I missed it like that. I went yesterday to do my volunteer experience for the paper I have to write for one of my social work classes.

Hope did get the authorizations submited so that the checks should get sent any time now. This makes me happy, as I’ll be figuring out a storage unit plan soon for all my things while I’m gone to Arkansas. Speaking of checks, I got my first pay check for the production kitchen job yesterday. I promptly took it and deposited it.

I met with a group for one of my social work classes for a group project on Wednesday, and I met with the other group for the other social work class yesterday afternoon. Now that I did the volunteer experience, I need to write the paper. The Hunger Games came out yesterday and I was going to go see it, but I didn’t because it rained almost constantly yesterday evening. I think Aleeha, Tim and I will go tonight.

Today Tim went with Wayne to judge at a mock trial competition. I kind of think it would be cool to go see at least once. Thinking of that makes me think of the mock trial that I got to see the NFB lawyers put on when I went to the national convention in 2010.

The weather here has been very nice, and though the temperature dropped after it rained, it still didn’t drop so far that people are wearing jackets again.

I have been trying to get back in touch with people that for some reason I either stopped talking to because of Tim or lost contact with because I got busy etc. To that end, I started looking for people on foursquare that I didn’t have on my friends list, and am going to try to read people’s journals and comment more etc. I keep meaning to copy some of my entries from my WP to my LJ, but always forget or get distracted by something else.

Tomorrow we will go to Park because one of the members that we are very close to is a detective who is being sent back out on patrol, so he won’t be at church much anymore, and the praise team has allowed him to pick his favorite worship songs, and Tim is playing the drums for them.

My cousin’s little girl has been sick, so I’m a little worried for her, as she’s spent most of the couple months she’s been here in the hospital.

I haven’t heard from my brother, but maybe he’s just too busy. I should call, but when I do, it makes me feel like he only talks because he has to, because I called, not because he would have called me on his own.

I guess I should go for now, but I am sure I will write again soon.

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