So much to say … So little time to say it in …

Ok, so again, I’m stuck giving a run-down because I’ve waited tooo long for posting and just do not have enough time to talk about it all.

  • Packed frantically for moving things to storage and suitcases that were going with me.
  • Take Tim to the hospital two days in a row (just before I left for Little Rock, naturally!)
  • Sit in hospital all night, wishing I wasn’t going, hating myself for going anyway, thinking surely I should stay, but knowing there was little I could do and being pressured to go anyway by various people, I left the hospital at 4:45 in the morning to catch my flight at 7:00.
  • 2 flights with a Jack and Coke on each–now that’s what I call a good start to an already stressful day!
  • Arrive at the airport, whereupon, I spend 20 minutes searching for the person who has been sent to retrieve me.
  • Sonic–Ok, so Jack and Coke is good, but no match for a breakfast burrito in the nourishment department. Plus, ya know, all that Jack and no food equaled a slightly buzzed me.
  • Arrive on campus, only to find that the packages that I had sent ahead courtesy of have not arrived yet. Wonderful. No sheets. No pillows. No blankets. No new shoes. Fun!
  • Spend the afternoon orienting myself to the building and meeting fellow classmates (more on them later!)
  • Dinner: the food is less-than-dog school quality, unfortunately.
  • Monday: meetings to sign papers that say I’m ok with this and that and the other, and if I have any problems, I know who I’m supposed to go to etc. After that, classes which are mostly meant to evaluate me to see if I am capable of living independently (assuming I get a job.)
  • Get my computer set up and get in the work that I hadn’t gotten to get in last week.
  • Tuesday: more classes, which I am testing out of but which I have to officially keep coming to until I get an official schedule change. Fun! Except coming to my Keyboarding class this morning let me type this blog, so I guess I should stop whining about having to be here. To test out of cooking, I cooked spaghetti yesterday and had a couple people who I’ve made friends or gotten better acquainted with share lunch with me.
  • Backing up to Sunday, Tim had his gall bladder removed and then they also discovered he had pneumonia, which made them keep him an extra couple days, but they are letting him go today, which is good.
  • This morning, I sewed a button on a piece of fabric and packed a suitcase. Tomorrow I will sew the button onto an actual garment in personal management, and then I think I will be done with that class. Hopefully.
  • Tonight we are going to Walmart, for which I am eternally grateful, because let me tell you all about how washing one’s hair with bar soap is not on the list of must-trys!
  • I don’t get internet in my room so have had to use either study room computers for things or write on my computer and send later when I’m at a place where I do have internet. Thank God for my iPhone and its capabilities to connect to the net. I’m debating whether I should increase my internet plan considering I really don’t plan to pay for internet for my room. I had thought about it and it would be nice but really I don’t see the point when I already have to pay for internet for my phone, so I might as well just make it a large enough package that I can use it rather than having to have internet for my computer. Who knows yet?
  • The evaluation period is supposed to last 30 days but obviously, I’ll be done probably by the end of this week, so who really knows what they plan to do with me. It would be nice if they had to send me home because the state would have to pay for it and I would be able to spend some more time with Tim before coming back for the program. I guess they say it depends on whether or not there is a seat in the ATI classroom what happens. I haven’t talked to anyone about it yet but I’m getting a feeling I will have to do that soon.

Really I’m glad I’m hear. I’m sad because I miss Tim and I hate that I’m not able to see and spend time with a lot of the people in Oxford who have come to mean so much to me, but I’m glad I’m going to get to go through this program. I really enjoy technology, and being here around so much of it reinforces just how much I do love it. Which reminds me: something I didn’t tell you yet is that I discovered, somehow, that my BookSense charger is broken, which means I have to buy a new one. Yea! Or something.

I hope all is well for each of you, wherever and whoever you are, and I’m glad you’ve taken the time to read about the craziness that is my life. I really do hope to be able to post more regularly, but if you look back through my posts, I say that frequently (or as frequently as I post, anyway.)

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