Two days in a Row…

7/9/2012 2:47 PM

I had my staffing today. I basically talked about all the issues that I touched on last night in my blog, and particularly discussed the issue of the staff member touching me in an inappropriate way. Hope is not happy-not that I am either-so we are going to look into options that would allow me to go home but still work toward a job in Assistive Technology. This makes me happy but sad. I’m not going to lie: I would love to go home and be closer to Tim and the Birchfields and Aleeha and all of the friends I’ve made in Oxford. However unlikely a thing it was, Oxford has truly become my home. Though there was a time when I couldn’t imagine myself living there forever, I can honestly say that if I could get a job or if Tim got a job that allowed us to stay there comfortably; to buy a house; to plan a life, I wouldn’t be unhappy at all. Which, speaking of Tim, he did apply for a job at Miami University, anjd if he gets it, of course, we would have no problem staying there, because he would be working full-time (or at least that’s my understanding of the thing.)

In class this afternoon, we worked on setting up tables in Word, which was considerably more difficult than one would think. Now we are looking at the Dolphin Screen Reader called SuperNova. I’ve never used it at all before, so this should be interesting.

It’s taking forever to download, which is what is allowing me to write this quick update. The staffing as well as prior and subsequent conversations may be discussed at greater length at some point, but for now, this is all.

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