The National Statler Center for Careers in Hospitality Service

Months and months and months have passed since I’ve posted. Rather than pretending I might ever get caught back up in any detail, (poor poor neglected blog), I’ll try to give you the down n dirty.

Christmas with family in Texas. Tim met everyone and we had a very good time.

In Febuary, Tim decided to buy a condo. We had some serious issues over this and I got very upset and we fought and I talked about leaving etc etc etc. I did go back to see my family because my brother was getting married in the beginning of March. From there, I went to see my friends Alex and Jessica. I originally was going to be staying there until I went to the program I’m in now, but I realized that walking away from Tim over the fact that his family did not like me was stupid. If he wanted to have to deal with the situation, it wasn’t for me to decide that it was too much or unfair etc.

So I visited with Alex and Jessica for a bit and then went back to Oxford.

May 1, I started the hospitality program offered at the Statler Center.

I will graduate on July 11. I am learning a lot about hotels as well as food and beverage.

Next Thursday, the contact center students arrive.

I am hoping I can line up a job before I graduate. This would make it easier to go home and get situated and go straight into work, rather than getting home and feeling less than productive because I can’t find anything.

I won’t even try to claim I can update this poor neglected thing as often as I need to. Just know that I’ll write as soon as I can, and beyond that, don’t have any expectations LOL.

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