I Apologize For The “Inconvenience”

Uh yeah. I know, I know. I should update. And I do want to. But life is crazy, including a flooded condo with floors and ceilings and cabinets that are being replaced. But since I don’t have time to write for myself, I give you more of the awesome Meagan, because, ya know, she writes way better than me, and makes way better points, to!

Where's Your Dog?

I call you for the third time this week. I’m crying. I’m soaked with rain, and windswept, and utterly lost. There isn’t a soul around and I have no idea how I’m to get home. My phone is dying, my gps is no help, and I’m standing under a tree’s meager shelter while thunder explodes in the sky above. I feel like a complete failure. I’ve been getting lost so often lately, but then again this is a brand new neighbourhood. It’s the first time I’ve ever used transit in my life. I’ve lived here only two weeks, and barely have a handle on the route to and from work. I’m begging you to help me. And you do—but first, you tell me how inconvenient this is for you—that you’re getting awfully sick of it.

I sit hopelessly at my desk, explaining for the umpteenth time that the tactile diagram…

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