“So, Like, he takes care of you!” or…?

Life Unscripted

Beyond my blindness, which is fairly visibly obvious, one of the first things people notice about me is the ring on my left ring finger.  Many of them will say something about me being married, and the topic comes around to the fact that my husband is sighted.

“Oh, that’s great!”

Are they happy that I am married, happily, to someone who loves me?  That I share my life with someone who carries me through dark times as I try and do for him?  That we own a house, laugh at the antics of my guide dog and our three cats, cook, clean, bicker, smile, laugh, share hobbies, misunderstand each other, argue over money or sex or in-laws, smile and nod at little quirks that we just accept about each other?

Or are they happy that he can see?

Thankfully, Ben has told me that we don’t often get people…

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