About Me

I have happy days and I have sad ones.
I smile and I frown.
I look up and I look down.
I laugh and I cry.
I believe, yet still ask God ‘why?’
I tell jokes and I am serious.
I wear dresses and jeans.
I’m an adult but can still sometimes act like a teen.
I have friends and those who don’t like me.
I’m smart but occasionally capitalize the “S” in Stupid.
I’m crazy but conservative.
I’m cool and collected.
I love music and books;
Movies and tv shows.
Coffee and cookies;
salads and smoothies.

No, that wasn’t really supposed to be a poem–more like something random to tell you a bit about me.

You want more, though, you say? Read what you will in these pages and find it. There are three more important facts, though.

They are these:

  • I L-O-V-E Jesus Christ!
  • I’m happily dating a wonderful man whom I love very much; I write about him a lot.
  • I aspire to be an attorney and a writer–though writing will probably never be a career.
  • Though I aspire to both of those things, right now, I’m just a student at World Services for the Blind, learning to be an assistive technology instructor

Please understand that I’m not online looking for drama and I won’t put up with it if it tries to find me. I have a real life away from this computer and the drama that sometimes goes on online is of no interest to me.

Why do I write here, then?

Because it’s fun and I love to write…didn’t I just say that? Well in case I didn’t…I love to write. So I write here because I can and because I find enjoyment in it.

Why I make it public, though, is a totally different topic.

Ah, so that’s your question, is it?

Why do I write publicly versus privately?

Well the answer is this: Because I want to…

No seriously, I write publicly because I have not always been a believer. In fact, at one time, I was studying Paganism…Seriously. I was a hard-core lesbian and did not believe that sexual orientation was a choice. I was involved in a lot of things that no self-respecting believer would ever be involved in…and whenever I turned my life over to Christ, I realized that I did not have the desire for those things any longer.

My blog stands as a testimony to the changes He can make in your life if you let Him. I write about verses in the Bible that inspire me or teach me something. I write about lessons that God has taught me through my own life experiences. I write this stuff publicly because I truly believe that to reach out to those who do not know Christ is my calling in the body of Christ. I want something I say to touch you. I want something I learn to speak to you, to. Maybe it will and maybe it won’t. Either way, I leave it here because if it doesn’t speak to you, it will speak to someone else.

The rest of the stuff

Oh yes…in case you’re still with me…one other thing I didn’t write up there that you might find important (though I don’t which is why I wrote it wayyyy down here)–I’m blind.

Yes, really. I promise. No joke. I’m blind.

Ok. Now you know it all.

Or all the important stuff. The rest of it is pretty mundane, I’m afraid.

Father bless and keep you,

Amber H

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